Burma: It Can't Wait - Day 22: Felicity Huffman


The filmmakers from creative production company Shilo (www.shilo.tv) recently collaborated with an extraordinary group of individuals and organizations to create a powerful animated 90 second PSA. The piece, entitled "Burma Viral", uses footage of warplanes bombing Burma with flowers as a dramatic call-to-action. As the US Campaign for Burma is doing in our 30 day "Burma: It Can't Wait" campaign, the filmmakers at Shilo are inviting viewers to visit their Burma Arts Board website, noneofusarefree.org, where one can send messages of support to the people of Burma. We are happy to support our fellow artists and activists as we all lend a hand of support in honor of Burma's continuing struggles against the notorious practices of their oppressive military government.


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Burma: It Can't Wait - Day 20: Ellen Page


Burma: It Can't Wait - Day 19: Steven Seagal


Burma: It Can't Wait - Day 12: Graffiti Wall


Burma: It Can't Wait - Day 9: Wally Langham


100,000 Dead: Regime Still Blocks Aid, China Complicit

Here's What You Can Do

Dear Friends,

The news is staggering and in many ways unfathomable. Yesterday, Shari Villarosa, the leading US diplomat in Burma said that 100,000 may have died and 95% of the buildings in the affected areas could be wiped out. The death tolls could increase as water born diseases such as cholera are beginning to spread, and in these worst hit areas aid has not to arrive.

The Burmese regime's blocking of aid is beyond horrendous. Minimal aid is being allowed in. There are still many people and supplies waiting to go, but the Burmese regime continues to deny access. Yesterday, the French government launched a push in the UN to try and enforce aid delivery, but China blocked the effort. If you haven't already, email UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and urge him to step in. Yesterday, within hours after thousands of our members writing in, Ban Ki-moon did start speaking out about Burma. However, more must happen.

In situations as grave as this, many people cannot sit by and watch.

Here's what you can do

Hold a fundraiser. Many of you are already working on this, and we greatly appreciate it. While the Burmese regime isn't allowing international aid in, you can fundraise. We will then send the money directly to trusted Burmese organizations inside who are working to help the people. You can send checks to us or make online donations.

Get your community involved. Here are some events that are going on around the country. Check out the page on the US Campaign for Burma website about the cyclone, for updated news, other info about the situation, and word about upcoming events. On that page at the bottom you can easily add a comment about what you are doing.

Please let us know what you are planning so we can post it on our site. This is a very difficult time, but we can work together to try and save lives.

New York City
Friday, May 9th
UN Demonstration for Cyclone Victims
Time: 3:00-5:00 pm
Location: Ralph Bunche Park, United Nations. 434d and 1st Ave
Candle Light Vigil
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Union Square

San Francisco
Friday, May 9th
(4-6pm Protest & Rally; 6-7pm Speakers; 7-8pm Prayers & Vigil)
San Francisco Federal Building/Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Office
450 Golden Gate Avenue (@Larkin), San Francisco, CA

Washington DC
Sunday, May 11th
Protest in front of SPDC attache (2300 California Ave)

Prayer Vigil at Burmese Buddhist Temple at 10:00 am

Saturday, May 10th
Fundraiser 12-4pm
Yoma Restaurant
5 N Beacon St
Allston, MA 02134

Saturday May 10th
Prayer Service and fundraiser
Thanksgiving Square
1627 Pacific Ave (between Akard and Bryan), Dallas

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Burma: It Can't Wait - Day 8: Voices


Burma: It Can't Wait - Day 7: Eric Szmanda / Jorja Fox


Cyclone Update and Why Burma Needs a Million Supporters

"Many, many thanks to the hundreds of supporters that have donated money to help victims of the cyclone in Burma.
Sadly, news reports are indicating that the military regime is hampering relief efforts. The headline of USA Today reads "Cyclone Aid Hurt by Junta in Burma." It appears the regime is delaying travel visas for aid workers and letting aid supplies sit unused at airports. Considering this is the same military regime that continues to carry out a scorched-earth war on civilians in eastern Burma that has destroyed 3,200 ethnic minority villages -- and refuses real access to aid agencies that could help -- we are not suprised. It now appears that the death tolls have reached over 22,000 -- and perhaps up to 63,000.

We have spoken with some people inside Burma and they are very angry at the military regime. Everyday Burmese are furious that the military regime turned out tens of thousands of troops to attack peaceful Buddhist monks and demonstrators in September-October 2007, but failed to adequately warn its own people of the oncoming cyclone -- a real humanitarian disaster.

The regime's lack of response to the cyclone begs the question: how has the military regime gotten away with destroying Burma for so long? If you look at our website or at burmaitcantwait.org, you will see that we, the Human Rights Action Center, and Fanista.com have organized a 30-day video campaign to educate Americans and others around the world about the military regime in Burma. The goal of this campaign is to mobilize 1 million people to sign up to take action, so that the regime can no longer crush the Burmese people behind closed doors. Just as the world came together to help free Nelson Mandela and South Africa in the 1980s, we are now organizing an effort to help Burma's imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the people of Burma.

Today, you will see a video by comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, directed by Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston. The powerful, moving video explains that the young people in Burma have led the effort to end military rule in Burma. Yesterday, we posted a video by Julie Benz, which explained the military regime's attacks on civilians in eastern Burma. You can also see four previous videos at www.burmaitcantwait.org There will be one every day for 30 days, and today is the 6th day.

We urge you to share these videos with as many people as possible, to help people understand how and why this started in the first place. Then, urge them to sign up for the campaign of one million. Burma needs you."

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